What Perhapsacat learned during LGIN Incubation Track?


11 lokakuun, 2022

Last night, we welcomed some new people on the LGIN Incubation Track and went through some key learnings of the batch 1 teams. Let’s learn more about the experience of Perhapsacat. 👇

Introduction. Who are you?

Team Perhapsacat. We make passion projects that reflect our interest in game art, mechanics, and technology.

Our team:

  • Joni Kettunen – Current assignment as environment artist. Also dabbles with 3D modeling and random art related tech like shader graphs.
  • Matti Paunonen – My job is to keep everything on Track, I manage our team and do some coding on the side.
  • Jiri Rantanen – I am the level designer, screenwriter and composer. I am the one who makes people feel things.
  • Joonas Einola – Code Leader and deep analyzer of this game. Keeps people on scope.
  • Aleksi Einola – Brainstormer and designer, voice of reason.
  • Mikael Karlbom – Game lead. It’s like herding cats blindfolded.
  • Sanna Kyllönen – 2D game artist, focusing on characters.
  • Anni Ståhlberg – Chaotic visual artist of many trades, currently working as a art director.
  • Jolle Kumpulainen – Ui/Ux graphic designer & Story sidekick.

What have you gained from LGIN Incubation Track?

Great mentoring and lots of connections. Advice on how to progress as a team and company. Information about current happenings in the game industry through different platforms like social media and discord. Technical advisory.

Which stage was your business idea on when you joined?

Our first project was in the prototype phase where you could play the game but it was lacking mainly content and desirable game mechanics. Now we have pivoted towards a more interesting passion project which reflects better who we are as a company.

Would you do something differently if you’d start your project now? Were there any surprises?

I guess failing faster so we could have more learning experience. Also have a better strategy for organizing our project. We’re still learning these.

Do you have any tips for the teams who are thinking of applying?

Use every resource to your advantage as you go on with your project. Broaden your view with other people’s experiences.