Pre-incubator – Starting your own Business? 

Turbiini Pre-incubator program in English

From Idea to First Revenue? Turbiini pre-incubator program in English launching at the start of next year.

Register for the Entrepreneurship course:  Metropolia Turbiini – Starting your own business 10 ETCS – LX00FD17-3001 

To highlight, you can participate with or without a business idea. Turbiini helps business ideas transform into teams, startups, and growth companies. Our pre-incubator programs for students are running twice a year on three campuses – in Myllypuro, Myyrmäki, and Arabia. Spring 2023 we are launching our very first joint pre-incubator program in English.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship or gaining entrepreneurial skills, the pre-incubator program is for you.   

The course encourages entrepreneurship and offers students the opportunity to come up with ideas and develop their business ideas together with students and experts in various fields. In addition, personal sparring and networking are offered while knowledge and skills related to entrepreneurship are accumulated.

Participating in Metropolia Turbiini – Starting Your Own Business” pre-incubator course can replace the mandatory Innovation Project (10 ECTS). However, this should be agreed with the Head of your degree programme. 


”The information provided was very useful for the growth of my business. Some of the information wasn’t even something I considered therefore, the course was very functional.”

Metropolia Turbiini - Starting your own business 10 ETCS - LX00FD17-3001


19.1. – 19.5.2023


At Myyrmäki Campus, will be updated


14.11.2022 – 13.1.2023

Find more detailed information about the course in Metropolia’s Study Guide in the Elective Studies section when registration opens. Students from other universities must register via Open UAS. 

For whom:

Bachelor’s / Master’s degree / Open UAS.

This elective course is open to all Metropolia bachelor’s and master’s degree students who are interested in entrepreneurship. While located on the Myyrmäki campus, students from any Metropolia campus (including open university students) are warmly welcome. No matter if you study business, special engineering field, ICT, healthcare or wellbeing, media, design, or culture enroll in this course to learn entrepreneurial skills and mindset. 

What else:

Workshops and contact lessons at Myyrmäki campus and/or online seminars once a week for 3 hours. Thursdays at 13 – 16 during weeks 3 – 18 (not weeks 8 and 14)

Additionally, individual guidance and tutoring to students and their teams when working on own business ideas and business plans.


Program (click here)

Thursday 19.1. at 13-16: 

  •  Orientation to the course; Entrepreneurship and its business environment

Thursday 26.1. at 13-16: 

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and myths workshop on campus 

Thursday 2.2. at 13-16:

  • Different tools and methodologies for planning entrepreneurship

Thursday 9.2. at 13-16: 

  • Service Design and Product Development 

Thursday 16.2. at 13-16: 

  • Customer research methods – how to find customer needs 

Week 8:

  • Individual work

Thursday 2.3. at 13-16: 

  • Creation of Business Plan 

Thursday 9.3. at 13-16:

  • Prototyping and Testing the business idea – workshop 

Thursday 16.3. at 13-16:

  • Types of companies, Laws and Legislation, GDPR issues and Insurances 

Thursday 23.3. at 13-16: 

  • Counselling services for entrepreneurs and support networks and tools  

Thursday 30.3. at 13-16: 

  • Cost calculations and pricing, Main financial KPI´s and basics of corporate funding 

Week 14: 

  • Individual work

Thursday 13.4. at 13-16:

  • Sustainable development in business

Thursday 20.4. at 13-16:

  • Pitching training session – How to pitch your business idea?

Thursday 27.4. at 13-16:

  • Marketing – customer acquisition 

Thursday 4.5. at 13-16:

  • FINALE – Pitching session 

If you’re a student in Metropolia: Register via Peppi or OMA. Find more detailed information about the course in Metropolia’s Study Guide in the Elective Studies section: Metropolia Turbiini Starting your own Business (10 ECTS) – LX00FD17-3001

 Students from other universities must register via Open UAS. Participation is free of charge.

Not interested in the course? Contact us and we are happy to tell you more about our services:


Kaija Haapasalo

Coordinator, Myyrmäki

Pamela Spokes

Service Designer

Hannes Jesar

Project Manager, Turbiini

Erkki Alanen

Erkki Alanen