Introducing Turbiini’s advisors!

Our group of experts is vast. Next we will introduce you two professionals with interesting backgrounds. One of them wasn’t planning on working at the office at all, and the other one is in charge of multiple operations. Both of them know how to handle things on a big scale, and how to focus on details.

Heikki Santti is the experienced, multitalented professional advisor at Turbiini Accelerator. He has studied in Aalto University, and worked for the University of Helsinki and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Heikki ended up to work at Turbiini as he has been working for Metropolia’s Electria-unit. In addition to development projects at Electria, Heikki is actively searching for new company projects and selling Turbiini’s services.

Heikki says that the traditional customer meetings and an open communication are still the ways to do the trick: “The platforms, channels and tools are developing, but the core elements of marketing and selling still remain the same.” Heikki is putting a high value on the ability of learning new things. Due to his work for Turbiini, he is learning something new every day, and likes to operate with a team that consists of people from different backgrounds. Heikki considers that it is essential to understand to put the information into a good use, and spread it to all operating partners. Combining the experience and the new information is the key to achieve a communicative and effective working-environment. He is putting his own expertise into good use by helping companies to find their core skills. “The idea of the whole thing is to be a part of the team, finding the competitive advantage and the things that are differing one from another.

Heikki is encouraging everyone to develop their communication skills and to keep the conversation going. The most important thing is to listen: “We should listen in order to understand, not in order to find the one thing that the opposite is probably missing or doing wrong.” Asking questions is also important. “With good questions we are going forward, and the core of the selling process lies in well-placed questions”, Heikki says. He mentions, that the biggest trigger for his communication skills to develop, was the time he spent as a training manager.

One of the earliest career plans was to become a forester, living in a castle, owning dogs and drinking good scotch. After five years it is possible that Heikki is retired. However, he likes his job that much, that he wishes to be able to continue working in a same kind of an environment. Develop his skills, avoid becoming too routined, and most of all, learn something new every single day.

Hannes Jesar is the innovative startup-professional, the advisor of Turbiini Accelerator. His job includes, as a matter of fact, all sorts of imaginable things. Hannes graduated from Metropolia Business School in 2015, and has a vast working experience; he has been working for a family company, for LaskIT with accounting and finance and with startups for HUB13.

The open position was easy to find just by browsing open working placements. Hannes has been starting to develop Turbiini right from the start. The rest is history, as Hannes started to build the new startup accelerator, boosting the culture of experimentation.

Hannes is in charge of the big things as well as the tiny ones. He is being in touch with the customers, keeping the processes going and coaching the interns into the Turbiini’s world. During these eight months, Hannes has learnt how a big organization is handling the processes, and which things should be considered as planning the operations. He says that he has been getting to know to Vantaa a bit better; “As a matter of fact, there is much more to see than just Myyrmäki and Tikkurila.

Hannes considers, that understanding the big scale with its’ many different aspects is vital:  “Many people are looking for a simple answer to fit into a simple question. However, this isn’t always possible. Things are rarely black-and-white, and we must understand that there are many operating parts to think through.” Hannes thinks that when it comes to business life we should aim to develop, and think differently, challenge the old patterns and increase our ability to do quick changes to our plans.  “We must adapt to changing conditions. Decisions we are making today, may require re-evaluation already tomorrow.

In the future Hannes wants to solve the big problems of our society. Well-being and environmental issues are the topics that he founds interesting and important. He is dreaming to be able to continue exactly the thing he is doing right now: building and developing new solutions.

Hannes Jesar & Heikki Santti. Kuva Mikko Taipale, Unionimedia
Hannes Jesar & Heikki Santti. Kuva Mikko Taipale, Unionimedia