The Companies

Welcome to the home of startups. Have a look. These are the current teams that work at Turbiini.


Showerloop collects, cleans and reuses aka recycles water in real time as you are showering. Now you can bathe for as long as you like without wasting resources. The thermal energy and water savings from the system can reduce operating costs by over 90%. Return on investment can be under a year for a single household. More information:


Wizense provides Industrial IoT solutions from sensors, connectivity, analytics pipelines, serverless backends to mobile apps. More information:

Rebound Mobile

We are a team of mobile marketing experts with hands-on experience in foreign markets. Our main goal is to lower the price of admission for mobile companies to such markets as Russia, Korea, China and Japan by sharing our market and language knowledge, mentality comprehension and using our experience promoting mobile games. More information:

More information:


Servoped analyse vehicle’s health, translate that info for valuable insights, and help maximize the lifetime value of your connected cars with our effective solution. More information:


Lifemonitor empowers personal healthcare via self-diagnostic and appealing visualization of health data by offering a digital platform for private and professional users/focus groups. They believe strongly on prevention and early detection of diseases. More information:


RoostLab develops innovative products for offroad motorcycle riders so they can optimise their bikes’ performance and get the most out of the sport. Website TBA soon.