Get to know Turbiini’s industrial designers!

Our business ladies are introduced, so now it is time to learn about our designers. They are working with the visuals, virtual reality technology and with many other things, as you might soon discover.

Marjut Riihimäki is studying her fourth, and Elina Pätsi her third year of industrial design in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Marjut has a degree from Pekka Halonen Academy, as she graduated in 2011. Elina has graduated from Varia, and has studied multiple different fields such as animations and cartoons after that.

Marjut ended up in Turbiini when she was looking a good topic to write her thesis about. As Tiina Vuorio from Turbiini suggested a chance to work with virtual reality, Marjut was more than ready to join the team. Elina is a professional when it comes to working for Turbiini: she worked as an intern at Turbiini last year, and was hired for the job after that.

Marjut is working closely with Turbiini’s Unity-coder Minja Silvennoinen and Turbiini’s 3D-artist Marie Kumpulainen. The team is aiming to gather expertise when it comes to using 3D materials in marketing. Elina is working with SmartLab, and producing different visual marketing materials for Turbiini, that are used, for example, in social media.

So what have our interns learnt so far? “I have gained so much knowledge about camera technology and video production. I have also discovered that companies are actually very interested in VR and it should be seen as a great marketing opportunity!” , Marjut says. “I’m super excited about the practical tasks and more than willing to learn more!” Elina says that she has learnt a lot of the use of new technologies and the opportunities they have to offer. “I have also learnt to analyze my own style of working and well, about the working-life itself.”

Marjut Riihimäki

In the future Marjut wants to work with a team with a vast field of expertise. “Maybe something with graphic design as well? If I’m not able to become a well-paid trip advisor or something as cool as that!”  Elina says that “The job of my dreams is to be able to work in a place that has a positive atmosphere, and my skills and expertise would be in a good use. Something with visuals, but my options are wide open still.”  So in conclusion, after five years both Marjut and Elina are most likely putting their expertise into practice, with motivating and encouraging people.

And finally the question about the strengths. 

Marjut’s strength is the ability to consider the end user’s experience as planning different concepts. “I think that I’m also good with visuals. And correcting details when needed, no matter if they are pictures or words!”  Elina puts her strengths all together in one sentence: “I am the best me.”  

turbiini 771_muokattu
Elina Pätsi

Get to know Turbiini’s interns!

A New Year, new goals, new people. After four months of official business, it is time to get you to know the people behind the operations. As we do things differently, we are going to start with our interns.

Turbiini’s co-working space is filled with students from different fields of expertise. Some of them are working on their thesis, some are doing their internships and some are doing both. Trainees are a part of the regular staff, and usually the internship time is from 10 to 20 weeks. We decided to get to know to our trainees a bit better, and find out about their background and future plans. As we are trying to make some business here, let’s start with our business women.

Sandra Lusmägi is studying her third and final year in Metropolia Business School. She is working with many different projects, project management and event production. Tuua Huuskola is studying marketing in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She is updating and coordinating Turbiini’s social media pages and writing blog posts, and trying to handle other projects on the side. Sandra and Tuua have been studying at the same campus, but they met the first time at Turbiini. Sandra ended up in here through her network, and Tuua started to put her thesis into practice.

The 20 weeks spent with the internship are supposed to give the students a good start with the working life of their own field. During the internship, it is vital to try, learn, get confused, try again and grow towards the professional way of working and get the hang of the right mindset.  Sandra says that she likes most the innovative startup-environment. There is a chance to learn something new every single day. Tuua says that that she gets motivated by the international environment and the big variety of the tasks.

How about the strengths?
Sandra is trusting on Albert Einstein with this one: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.“
Tuua says that her biggest strength is the ability to laugh at herself, and not taking life too seriously.

However, the internship is not going to last forever. We wanted to know, where are our trainees after five years? Sandra is aiming to move to Asia, and starting to get her own business running. Tuua wants to work internationally, with things that matter and are connected with something inspiring.

Sandra&Tuua blogikuva
Sandra Lusmägi and Tuua Huuskola