Revolutionizing the indoor surveillance!

It is time to get going with our startup-show. Under Turbiini’s roof is a collection of innovative startups, aiming to change the world. Now we are going to introduce our first star: Arctic Robotics Oy.

Pauli, Niko, Petr, Artem, Bilal and Vinh, the team of Arctic Robotics Oy, are running a company providing innovative solutions when it comes to indoor surveillance. The team has developed a new way of taking advantage of the drone’s open source software and hardware. Their vision is that in the future, indoor surveillance will be based on the combination of fixed and mobile cameras.

We are the first company using open source drone software and hardware like this”, says Pauli Isoaho.  As Pauli and Niko started making plans in March 2015, they had to decide between three interesting and possible business options. Now they are putting their decision into practice. It might sound easy, but they had to consider the timing, current situation, the future and the evolution of markets. How to create a scalable service and how to revolutionize the surveillance field?  “We had to think it through very carefully. But right now the window for this is, how to say, open, and succeeding in this field is possible for us. Finland needs more of these experiment culture based projects, instead of years and years of preparation.

Arctic Robotics Oy put a high value on sharing the expertise. “Sharing information and discussing with people from different backgrounds have had a vast impact on our business. Learning from other people’s experiences is important, and through that we are able to expand our own functions. As we are helping others to gain information, we learn something new as well.  It is an ongoing process.” The team has also learnt to make rapid experiments. Through these experiments they have achieved the courage to try, to fail, and to try again and succeed. “It is vital to see what works and what doesn’t, and to do it right now.

So what is so special about Arctic Robotics?  

Our team is unique. Our business and strategy are based on rapid experiments. We are using the open source software and hardware in a way which is special itself.” Many surveillance companies have already been very interested in Arctic Robotics Oy. With the attitude of these entrepreneurs, it’s  not hard to imagine their future; splendid success. “Only sky is the limit.” 

Arctic Robotics Oy
Arctic Robotics team, from left to right; Pauli, Niko, Petr, Bilal and Artem