They say that eventually all good things must come to an end. On April 7th we had the last gathering of our Turbiini Spring 2017 Pre-Startup Program. We called the event “Season Finale” because it felt like it was the last episode of an awesome HBO show. For the last three months we worked with teams from various backgrounds to help them turn their idea into startups. It was an interesting journey full of a range of emotions that comes with the territory whenever you are trying to build something great. On the final day there were five teams that answered the call to arms and were willing to step up to the plate and pitch their ideas to the public. They were in no particular order: Triumf, Safe Go, Muesli.life, Nikkes and Cleaning Observer. Much thanks to all the program participants and the speakers who helped make the Turbiini Spring 2017 Pre-Startup Program possible. Below is a brief breakdown of each team and their idea.

Triumf had focused on developing a game that improved the psychological assessment of children who were undergoing cancer treatment and help to alleviate some of the mental pain and discomfort by giving them a stimulating activity to focus on. Their platform collected patient data through a game environment and allowed parents of guardians to better understand the mental state of the child. Drawing on their vast academic experience in the field of psychology the team made significant strides and overcame obstacles in order to position themselves for future success.

Go Safe was a team that came into the program with their shoe laces already tied and were ready to hit the ground running in order to get far. In a short amount of time the team developed strong interest from both local and international partners. It is amazing how quickly the team managed to develop an investment ready idea. Go Safe utilized sensors to develop a solution which served as a digital guardian angel for anyone engaged in motor sports. The application sensed when a person fell down asked them if they were okay. If no response was given, the application would then automatically call the appropriate emergency contact. Any investors out there should keep a close eye on this team.

Muesli.life allowed people to make a customized muesli breakfast that is delivered to their door. The team challenged the old belief system that a healthy breakfast had to be boring. The story of Muesli.life gives hope for those of us who were looking to add a little diversity to our lives. Muesli.life made great progress because they had remained focused on their initial idea and stuck to their vision. By the end of the three month program the team managed to launch a website.  In case you were wondering they are open for business https://muesli.life/

Nikkes focused on delivering European clothing brands to customers a large market through an e-commerce platform. This dynamic duo combined Finnish expertise and Russian know-how to create a web platform where store vendors from Finland can sell their items directly to  Russian consumers. By beginning to interview customers Nikkes began to refine their idea and better understand the market. The team overcame obstacles and kept their focus in order to launch their website http://www.nikkes.ru/

Cleaning Observer was an IoT based idea that used sensors to collect data and notify cleaning staff when items such as toilet paper and soap were running out. The idea conceptualized utilizing the 5-day Design Sprint method made popular by Jake Knapp in his book. In a matter of few days we witnessed the rapid transformation of an idea into a conceptual prototype that was ready to be shown to customers. By interviewing several industry experts Cleaning Observer managed to arouse the interest of a local cleaning company. It may surprise you to hear that the Cleaning Observer was not the work of an entire team but a single motivated individual.

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Author: Misa Bakajic