Services for Startups

Co-working Turbiini

We provide coworking spaces and meeting rooms. Private working rooms for startups. All our facilities are covered with WLAN internet connection.

Production and prototype facilities

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences production and prototype facilities are always at your use.


Mentoring and coaching for product development, commercialization and IPR-knowledge.


Turbiiniin yhteisöstä löydät palvelumuotoilijoita, insinöörejä ja liiketoiminnan kehittäjiä. Verkostomme kautta saat myös lisäapua esimerkiksi rahoitukseen, kansainvälistymiseen tai löydät perustajajäseniä yritykseesi. Uskomme yhteistyön voimaan!


Meetups are regularly organized events for startups, cooperation partners and community members to meet and to get to know each other. Welcome!

Service agreement contract: As a customer of Turbiini, you make out a service agreement contract. Price of the contract is 95 €, minimum time being three months. The price isn't dependable on the team's size. As your company becomes scaled and the team expands, the contract expires.

Let's get you started with your company.