See our past startups and alumnis, now on a mission of scaling and growing their businesses.

Arctic Robotics

Arctic Robotics provides fully autonomous indoor flying drones for all kind of business needs. We are capable of deploying Drone as a Service, off-the-shelf solutions, and customized business specific solutions. Our patent pending indoor navigation solution is independent on GPS or other external sensors, and it works equally well in total darkness as in bright daylight. More information: https://www.arcticrobotics.com/


Agens tuottaa uudenlaista sopimuspalvelua, jonka tukena on vahvasti kasvava asiantuntijaverkosto. Tarjontaan kuuluu juridista virhettömyyttä ja liiketoiminnallista soveltuvuutta asiakkaiden tarpeisiin. Digitaaliset joustavat työkalut mahdollistavat parhaiten palvelevien sopimusten luonnin. More info: https://www.agens.fi/


Practigame’s solutions provides efficient, safe and cost effective learning for healthcare professionals. We integrated clinical reasoning process into game mechanics, making an engaging learning experience. Unlike other games for nurses and doctors, our product lets you fully customize learning content to fit specific needs or procedures. More info: https://practigame.com/


SkenarioLabs is a start-up company that merges expertise with passion. Our team has extensive experience in sustainable urban planning, engineering, and software design. We have expertise in the modeling of energy systems and impact assessment of resource use. Our multidisciplinary expertise and vision opens up brand new opportunities for real estate owners. More info: http://skenarios.com/


With Plantsteps® it is easy to make multi size and dimensional window gardens and fabulous green walls. It is the new way to grow food, but also a way to decorate homes, offices and public places easily with air purifying green plants. More info: https://www.supragarden.com

Go Safe

Go Safe is a smartsensor based personal safety App, that performs an automated SOS alert in case of emergency. We differ from traditional personal safety Apps, so that Go Safe is always ready to act regardless if you are or not. Help is always reachable. More info: https://www.gosafeapp.net/