Mitä: Startup Sauna tuo tiiminsä, 2–6 yritysvalmentajaa ja saunan 15 kaupunkiin 11 päivässä.
Missä: Silicon Vantaan Turbiini – Teknobulevardi 3-5
Milloin: 1.9.2017 ja 13:00 alkaen

Startup Sauna, yksi Suomen johtavista kasvuyritysten kiihdyttämöistä tulee Silicon Vantaalle matkallaan löytää #100finnishstartups.

Startup Sauna ja Vantaan Turbiini järjestävät 3-tuntisen paikallisen tapahtuman lähelläsi tavoitteenaan löytää 100 kasvuyritystä Suomesta. Täten kutsumme kaikki alueen kasvuyritykset ja muut ekosysteemin sidosryhmät tapahtumaamme. Tapahtuman jälkeen on mahdollisuus saunoa.

Tapahtuma koostuu keynote-puheesta, jonka pitää Startup Saunan yritysvalmentaja, lyhyistä puheista, verkostoitumisesta ja saunomisesta. Tapahtuman tavoite on kerätä paikallisten kasvuyritysten ekosysteemi keskustelemaan Suomen kasvuyritysten ekosysteemistä ja sen tulevaisuudesta.

Tapahtuman osallistujat saavat:
• Rehellistä palautetta yritystensä potentiaalista
• Valmennusta sarjayrittäjiltä, sijoittajilta ja muilta ammattilaislilta
• Erinomaisen verkoston kasvuyrityksiä ja maailmanlaajuisia yhteyksiä valmentajien kautta
• Mahdollisuuden tulla valituksi Startup Saunan kiihdytysohjelmaan ja Slushiin
• Mahdollisuuden päästä Startup Saunan mukaan Berliiniin ja Lontooseen

Tapahtuman virallinen ohjelma, yritysvalmentajat ja puhujat julkaistaan elokuussa. Alta voit nähdä tapahtuman alustavan ohjelmarungon.

13:00 Ovet auki
13:30 Tapahtuman aloitus
14:15 Pitchausta, 1on1-valmennusta ja verkostoitumista
16:00 Saunomista

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They say that eventually all good things must come to an end. On April 7th we had the last gathering of our Turbiini Spring 2017 Pre-Startup Program. We called the event “Season Finale” because it felt like it was the last episode of an awesome HBO show. For the last three months we worked with teams from various backgrounds to help them turn their idea into startups. It was an interesting journey full of a range of emotions that comes with the territory whenever you are trying to build something great. On the final day there were five teams that answered the call to arms and were willing to step up to the plate and pitch their ideas to the public. They were in no particular order: Triumf, Safe Go,, Nikkes and Cleaning Observer. Much thanks to all the program participants and the speakers who helped make the Turbiini Spring 2017 Pre-Startup Program possible. Below is a brief breakdown of each team and their idea.

Triumf had focused on developing a game that improved the psychological assessment of children who were undergoing cancer treatment and help to alleviate some of the mental pain and discomfort by giving them a stimulating activity to focus on. Their platform collected patient data through a game environment and allowed parents of guardians to better understand the mental state of the child. Drawing on their vast academic experience in the field of psychology the team made significant strides and overcame obstacles in order to position themselves for future success.

Go Safe was a team that came into the program with their shoe laces already tied and were ready to hit the ground running in order to get far. In a short amount of time the team developed strong interest from both local and international partners. It is amazing how quickly the team managed to develop an investment ready idea. Go Safe utilized sensors to develop a solution which served as a digital guardian angel for anyone engaged in motor sports. The application sensed when a person fell down asked them if they were okay. If no response was given, the application would then automatically call the appropriate emergency contact. Any investors out there should keep a close eye on this team. allowed people to make a customized muesli breakfast that is delivered to their door. The team challenged the old belief system that a healthy breakfast had to be boring. The story of gives hope for those of us who were looking to add a little diversity to our lives. made great progress because they had remained focused on their initial idea and stuck to their vision. By the end of the three month program the team managed to launch a website.  In case you were wondering they are open for business

Nikkes focused on delivering European clothing brands to customers a large market through an e-commerce platform. This dynamic duo combined Finnish expertise and Russian know-how to create a web platform where store vendors from Finland can sell their items directly to  Russian consumers. By beginning to interview customers Nikkes began to refine their idea and better understand the market. The team overcame obstacles and kept their focus in order to launch their website

Cleaning Observer was an IoT based idea that used sensors to collect data and notify cleaning staff when items such as toilet paper and soap were running out. The idea conceptualized utilizing the 5-day Design Sprint method made popular by Jake Knapp in his book. In a matter of few days we witnessed the rapid transformation of an idea into a conceptual prototype that was ready to be shown to customers. By interviewing several industry experts Cleaning Observer managed to arouse the interest of a local cleaning company. It may surprise you to hear that the Cleaning Observer was not the work of an entire team but a single motivated individual.

C8zWHBGXcAMiVNB.jpg large


Author: Misa Bakajic

Startup community excursion

Last week we had a chance to join the participants from the Turbiini Pre-Startup Program on two day city safari to explore the Helsinki startup eco-system. We hoped that the city would reveal the community that helped give birth to global brands such as: Rovio, Supercell and Slush. In the past few years there has been several organizations that have been contributing to the local startup scene, each with their own mix of value adding services. We wondered if maybe there was a common theme that was present in the Helsinki startup eco-system, one that could be identified as a secret recipe for startup success.

Our group visited a total of eight organizations over the period of two days. On the first day we would visit: Microsoft Flux, NewCo Helsinki, Maria 0-1 and Techcode. The second day we focused mostly on organizations which were based around the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University.  In Otaniemi we visited: Vertical Accelerator, Startup Sauna, Fab Lab and Aalto Startup Center. There was of course many more awesome places we could have visited, but in the end our list had to be kept short, and so the organizations were chosen based on their importance to the local startup scene and our ability to reach out to them.

The organisations we visited were a mix of privately and publicly funded organizations all of which offered some sort of co-working space, hosted events and provided startup education. While all the places offered some sort of long-term space rental contract to startup teams, in most cases the services for startups were free of charge. The type of benefits offered for startup teams differed from training programs to community events. Some places like Vertical Accelerator and Startup Sauna had an application process that handpicked teams to reach specific target goals. Other places like NewCo Helsinki and Microsoft Flux offered a more freestyle option for working. It was a nice to see there was a large amount of local support that was available.

One common motif that emerged from our two day adventure was the importance of community. Each of the places we met took great care to create the conditions where people could meet in a physical space and share ideas. Also the hosts of each organization regularly interacted with each other to discover the best practices for improving their space. It seemed like everyone understood that they were a part of a larger startup eco-system that functioned as a sum of many different parts. While each organization functions on its own, the knowledge sharing enables the entire eco-system to prosper. It seems that it takes an entire startup village to raise a unicorn.

Startup van
Startup van

Author: Misa Bakajic


For those who are not familiar with Timo Herttua he is a Helsinki based Growth Marketer who is the current CMO at Plan Brothers. Timo took time away from his busy schedule to come to Turbiini and teach our pre-startup teams a method for validating customers using Facebook Ads. This post outlined some of the theory we learned during the workshop as well as the actual process involved. If you are in the early stage of building your idea using Facebook Ads to validate customers is an inexpensive and fast method.

Timo demonstrated that by using Facebook Ads it was possible to utilize the powerful targeting capabilities of the Facebook platform to easily reach intended customers in our first step towards customer contact. The great thing was that once you learned to use the platform the actual implementation is pretty straightforward and can be easily repeated again. Also since the process is not very expensive; our teams were able to reach their intended audience working with an advertising budget of well under 20€. On the other hand the approach does not offer qualitative data and it does require some basic analytical skills. The technique described by Timo gave us a powerful customer engagement technique that could be added to our ever growing arsenal of startup related knowledge.

The process in more detail

In order to start using Facebook Ads to validate customers you must get Facebook Business, it is easy to set up and you can quickly get going. Then you need a concrete goal and objective so that you can build the type of advert that can be used to target customers. Bellow I have outlined the process of using Facebook Ads to validate customers.

Step 1: Create a Facebook business page.

Step 2: Create goals for your Facebook ads.

Step 3: Choose an objective for your campaign.

Step 4: Choose your target audience and ad spend.

Step 5: Choose how you want your ad to look.

Step 6: Place your order.

Most of the participants had concrete startup ideas they wished to test, but it was also possible to create fictional companies that offered products or service which were not yet ready for launch. Our goal and objective were to gauge public interest by analyzing how many people saw the advert and responded to the call of action, which was to enter an email in order to learn more about the product or service being offered.We also had to decide the audience type (demographic, interests etc.), all of which affected our reach size. For many teams making the actual add was the most challenging but also the most rewarding at the same time. It certainly was not easy to be spontaneously creative in a way that would satisfy the advertising goals of the group and make the rest of the team happy. However, after some time, most teams selected an appropriate picture from the stock photos available or uploaded one of their own. Next, came the accompanying text and the marketing message of the ad. The final objective was to select text that matched the photo and get people to click on the ad, and feel comfortable to sign up on the form provided.

We initially wanted to run the advertising until all the groups reached the spending limit of 20€, but due to popular demand from some of the teams we extended the time and ran the adverts for an extra half a day. The results varied from team to team depending on how well the advertisement was made and how niche the product advertised was. Generally speaking most people got something out of the exercise because the results spoke for themselves about the effectiveness of the campaign. In a way this was the first real test for all the groups about venturing into the unknown and trying to sell the product. We felt we accomplished a great deal without even setting foot out of the building.



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Author: Misa Bakajic

Turbiini Prestartup Program – Autumn 2016

Have you ever dreamt about starting a company?

Now is your chance to build a startup in various ways and fully commit to working it!

Turbiini Prestartup Program is aimed at individuals (searching for a team), entrepreneurs and students who are looking for an opportunity to make their ideas happen, turn them into a venture or get exposed to hands-on startup activities as a team member.

Throughout the intensive program in Autumn 2016, you will learn how to apply systematic methods to build a repeatable and scalable business. In addition you will grasp Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship approaches and principles.

As a participant, you can benefit in the following ways. Firstly, build up a new startup based on your idea and gather a team around it. Secondly, if you don’t want to take the full ownership, but you want to be part of a core team bringing your expertise into it, you can join an existing team, that already has a business idea.

As a student, you can benefit in various ways. Firstly, you can earn credits from the Entrepreneurship or Elective course (10 ECT). Secondly, it is possible to write your thesis during the program when you base thesis on a Startup Project (15 ECT). Lastly, if other aforementioned options have been completed, you can get great work life experience while building a startup as a founder or team member (15 ECT / 3 months).

Prestartup Program is an accelerator platform of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences organised by Turbiini Accelerator and it is meant to serve all students regardless of their university background and any entrepreneurial individual or teams. The program takes place in Vantaa Technopolis, Teknobulevardi 3-5, 01350.


  • 11.9.2016 – Application closes
  • 19.9.2016 – Program starts



  • 3 months
  • 10 teams
  • 8 training days
  • 10 1-on-1 meetings



  • Problem-Solution Fit / Product-Market Fit
  • Customer Discovery
  • Service Design
  • NDA & IPR
  • Technology Development
  • International Strategy and Practical Implementation
  • Applying Funding
  • Pitching


Tell us some basics about yourself below and indicate whether you are a student, individual or entrepreneur looking to make your own idea happen, to join an existing team or build a new team. Finish the application in the following link:

Let us know:
1) describe shortly your business idea
2) what kind of skill-set you can bring into table? What are your skills, knowledge, passion and/or past experiences.
3) what type of team members you are looking for: the current needs of the your business idea, case or project.

Please note that people will be chosen to the teams based on the team needs and the applicants’ attributes. A maximum of 10 teams will be built.

Lastly, be prepared to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with the team that you want to work with.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Hannes Jesar / Turbiini Accelerator via email: hannes(at)


Revolutionizing the indoor surveillance!

It is time to get going with our startup-show. Under Turbiini’s roof is a collection of innovative startups, aiming to change the world. Now we are going to introduce our first star: Arctic Robotics Oy.

Pauli, Niko, Petr, Artem, Bilal and Vinh, the team of Arctic Robotics Oy, are running a company providing innovative solutions when it comes to indoor surveillance. The team has developed a new way of taking advantage of the drone’s open source software and hardware. Their vision is that in the future, indoor surveillance will be based on the combination of fixed and mobile cameras.

We are the first company using open source drone software and hardware like this”, says Pauli Isoaho.  As Pauli and Niko started making plans in March 2015, they had to decide between three interesting and possible business options. Now they are putting their decision into practice. It might sound easy, but they had to consider the timing, current situation, the future and the evolution of markets. How to create a scalable service and how to revolutionize the surveillance field?  “We had to think it through very carefully. But right now the window for this is, how to say, open, and succeeding in this field is possible for us. Finland needs more of these experiment culture based projects, instead of years and years of preparation.

Arctic Robotics Oy put a high value on sharing the expertise. “Sharing information and discussing with people from different backgrounds have had a vast impact on our business. Learning from other people’s experiences is important, and through that we are able to expand our own functions. As we are helping others to gain information, we learn something new as well.  It is an ongoing process.” The team has also learnt to make rapid experiments. Through these experiments they have achieved the courage to try, to fail, and to try again and succeed. “It is vital to see what works and what doesn’t, and to do it right now.

So what is so special about Arctic Robotics?  

Our team is unique. Our business and strategy are based on rapid experiments. We are using the open source software and hardware in a way which is special itself.” Many surveillance companies have already been very interested in Arctic Robotics Oy. With the attitude of these entrepreneurs, it’s  not hard to imagine their future; splendid success. “Only sky is the limit.” 

Arctic Robotics Oy
Arctic Robotics team, from left to right; Pauli, Niko, Petr, Bilal and Artem


Original blog published on by SkenarioLabs 

Tired and Proud

Wohoo! Crazy days behind us as SkenarioLabs participated in the Deloitte Digital Disruptors Hackathon over the weekend. It was the first for SkenarioLabs and we delivered. In just 48 hours we managed to develop and launch a beautiful web service for property risk management. Although the idea behind it came from our original algorithm evaluating the existing urban structure, we started the weekend from scratch and sampled a couple of new technologies while developing our product idea for the insurance business.

We used our time wisely as we went live with the website just 10 seconds before we presented our production to the others. We owe a lot to Mario Pinto, who fearlessly jumped to our team and was a big help and a great dude. Thanks Super-Mario!

Tomorrow is the last and the most important day of this first phase of Deloitte Digital Disruptors bootcamp-week as we get to pitch our ideas and product to the distinguished committees of Deloitte. We really think we might have something happening here.  Good times behind –  better ones ahead.

We’ll let You know, how it went.



POC21 Innovation Camp – Day 0

So tomorrow I’m heading to Millemont to join 11 other projects to design and build a sustainable village based on the principles of circular and open source design. I was super psyched for Showerloop to be chosen out of almost 300 projects for the mostly all expense paid innovation camp. Travel, materials and tools are all provided by the event held in Chateu de Millemont or Millemont Castle about an hour west of Paris. A Castle! It’s sounds really cool. Together with the team members from the other projects and crew from Open State and Oui Share – the guys organizing POC21, we’ll build a Proof Of Concept to show what future living can be like. The reason it’s called POC21 is a counter to the COP Summit that will be held in Paris at the end of the year which is the effort of international governments trying to deal with climate change. These things are usually pretty depressing since the decisions made are hardly revolutionary or inline with the needs of Earth.

I’m really inspired and grateful for this opportunity to get Showerloop out into the open and begin collaborating on a new way of living. The idea of Showerloop, incase you’re still wondering, is simply to save water and energy by reusing shower water. Because the point of a shower is to get clean the shower filters and purifies the water in real time allowing us to use a maximum of 10 liters of way per shower, no matter how long it is. Even when maintaining the water temperature Showerloop is way more efficient than a normal shower because we only have to heat the water a few degrees every cycle instead of 20 to 40.

So what do I hope to get out of POC21? Naturally I’m excited about the whole thing; the fact that it’s a maker camp in a castle, that there a people from around the world coming together for a noble common goal. During the application process (it was just an online form btw) I found out that they should be providing us with all the tools and materials that we’d need. Things like laser cutters and CNC machines and 3d printers. I love all that stuff and have been going to the Aalto FABLAB in Helsinki ever since I heard about it but it’s only open to the public on Tuesdays. Also even though I would go there every chance I’d get, I might not get so much done on Showerloop because I’ would end up learning about other peoples inventions and helping them make designs or show them how to use the laser cutter. I really love the atmosphere there and to hear that there was this magical place that would let me do that non stop for 5 weeks was just cool. So my hope is that with help from everyone at POC I will take the project to warp speed and do all the design work and prototyping that I can so that maybe by the end of it Showerloop will be easily assembled, very user friendly and robust (aka doesn’t fall apart every time we demo the project). There was also a lot of talk about marketing the projects and getting them to live on after the camp and I have my fingers crossed for that too.

I’ve always felt that I’m progressing too slow both from the technical development side of things and the business plan but maybe this 5 weeks will be the final sprint needed so we can show the world how awesome Showerloop is and provide you with blueprints and instructions to make your own and the possibility to buy key components or the whole thing from us.

Also I hope that I can contribute to the other projects as well. I’m full of passion and ideas for sustainable products and social models and anything that can give back to this awesome planet of ours. I think that’s my underlying motivation and aspiration in life – to offset all the damage I’ve done to the planet a thousand fold but hey, why not a million. This summer has been really grate. I’ve met lots of new people in the Open Source movement through the Open Source Circular Economy Days event in June, I got an office in my home cities newest business incubator Turbiini and now I’m off to France!

Wish me luck,
Jason Selvarajan