Get to know Turbiini’s interns!

A New Year, new goals, new people. After four months of official business, it is time to get you to know the people behind the operations. As we do things differently, we are going to start with our interns.

Turbiini’s co-working space is filled with students from different fields of expertise. Some of them are working on their thesis, some are doing their internships and some are doing both. Trainees are a part of the regular staff, and usually the internship time is from 10 to 20 weeks. We decided to get to know to our trainees a bit better, and find out about their background and future plans. As we are trying to make some business here, let’s start with our business women.

Sandra Lusmägi is studying her third and final year in Metropolia Business School. She is working with many different projects, project management and event production. Tuua Huuskola is studying marketing in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She is updating and coordinating Turbiini’s social media pages and writing blog posts, and trying to handle other projects on the side. Sandra and Tuua have been studying at the same campus, but they met the first time at Turbiini. Sandra ended up in here through her network, and Tuua started to put her thesis into practice.

The 20 weeks spent with the internship are supposed to give the students a good start with the working life of their own field. During the internship, it is vital to try, learn, get confused, try again and grow towards the professional way of working and get the hang of the right mindset.  Sandra says that she likes most the innovative startup-environment. There is a chance to learn something new every single day. Tuua says that that she gets motivated by the international environment and the big variety of the tasks.

How about the strengths?
Sandra is trusting on Albert Einstein with this one: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.“
Tuua says that her biggest strength is the ability to laugh at herself, and not taking life too seriously.

However, the internship is not going to last forever. We wanted to know, where are our trainees after five years? Sandra is aiming to move to Asia, and starting to get her own business running. Tuua wants to work internationally, with things that matter and are connected with something inspiring.

Sandra&Tuua blogikuva
Sandra Lusmägi and Tuua Huuskola

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Tired and Proud

Wohoo! Crazy days behind us as SkenarioLabs participated in the Deloitte Digital Disruptors Hackathon over the weekend. It was the first for SkenarioLabs and we delivered. In just 48 hours we managed to develop and launch a beautiful web service for property risk management. Although the idea behind it came from our original algorithm evaluating the existing urban structure, we started the weekend from scratch and sampled a couple of new technologies while developing our product idea for the insurance business.

We used our time wisely as we went live with the website just 10 seconds before we presented our production to the others. We owe a lot to Mario Pinto, who fearlessly jumped to our team and was a big help and a great dude. Thanks Super-Mario!

Tomorrow is the last and the most important day of this first phase of Deloitte Digital Disruptors bootcamp-week as we get to pitch our ideas and product to the distinguished committees of Deloitte. We really think we might have something happening here.  Good times behind –  better ones ahead.

We’ll let You know, how it went.



“Your way on top with KONE” – Company visit to KONE’s facilities

Order tickets via Eventbrite:

“Your way on top with KONE” is a company visit event, which is open for everyone, whether you are a first year student or senior professional. KONE is an international engineering and service company, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry employing 43,000 personnel worldwide. They have been committed to understanding the needs of customers for the past 100 years, providing industry-leading elevators, escalators and automatic building doors, as well as innovative solutions for modernization and maintenance.KONE’s facilities in Hyvinkää, Finland entered a new era at the start of 2013 when the newly constructed, eco-efficient People Flow Center welcomed its first customers. The People Flow Center is a new building next to KONE’s factory. It includes meeting rooms, a canteen, and a two-floor showroom. Over 2,700 visitors, consisting of customers and partners and KONE employees experienced its amenities in 2013.Who knows, maybe KONE will become your future workplace! Get your ticket now!NOTE: The number of tickets is limited to 30 participants. Tickets are sold until 1st of October. You must be on time before bus departure and have your ID with you on the day of the event.


12:00 Gathering at main doors of Metropolia University Leppävaara campus (Vanha maantie 6, Espoo)
12:15 Departure from Metropolia University Leppävaara campus
13:30 Arrival at KONE (Registering), Hyvinkää
13:45 Presentation of KONE
14:15 Visiting showroom
15:00 Visiting the elevator factory
16:00 Visit ends
17:00 Arrival back to Metropolia University Leppävaara campus (Vanha maantie 6, Espoo)


Q&A 1.
Q: What is included to ticket price?
A: Visit fee includes comfortable bus transportation Helsinki-Hyvinkää-Helsinki, presentations and excursion to KONE’s best showrooms and factory facilities, refreshments and, most importantly, invaluable networking with peers and industry professionals.

Q&A 2.
Q: At what time does the bus to Kone leaves?
A: You must be at the main doors of Metropolia University Leppävaara campus (Vanha maantie 6, Espoo) at 12:00 sharp. Please do not be late.

Q&A 3.
Q: Should I hurry to reserve my ticket?
A: There are only 30 tickets available in total. Hurry to reserve your ticket as soon as possible.

Q&A 4.
Q: Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?
A: You must be 18+ to attend. You must have your ID with you.

Q&A 5.
Q: Is my registration/ticket transferrable?
A: You can transfer it to your friend before 1st of October but you cannot get a refund.

Q&A 6.
Q: Can I update my registration information?
A: Contact Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society directly.

Q&A 7.
Q: Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Metropolia Entrepreneurship Society event ticket sales are non-refundable and final. You must be on time before bus departure and have your ID with you.You must be 18+ to attend. If an event is cancelled due to weather, facility availability, or any other unforeseeable event you will be refunded. Please direct any additional ticketing issues to

POC21 Innovation Camp – Day 0

So tomorrow I’m heading to Millemont to join 11 other projects to design and build a sustainable village based on the principles of circular and open source design. I was super psyched for Showerloop to be chosen out of almost 300 projects for the mostly all expense paid innovation camp. Travel, materials and tools are all provided by the event held in Chateu de Millemont or Millemont Castle about an hour west of Paris. A Castle! It’s sounds really cool. Together with the team members from the other projects and crew from Open State and Oui Share – the guys organizing POC21, we’ll build a Proof Of Concept to show what future living can be like. The reason it’s called POC21 is a counter to the COP Summit that will be held in Paris at the end of the year which is the effort of international governments trying to deal with climate change. These things are usually pretty depressing since the decisions made are hardly revolutionary or inline with the needs of Earth.

I’m really inspired and grateful for this opportunity to get Showerloop out into the open and begin collaborating on a new way of living. The idea of Showerloop, incase you’re still wondering, is simply to save water and energy by reusing shower water. Because the point of a shower is to get clean the shower filters and purifies the water in real time allowing us to use a maximum of 10 liters of way per shower, no matter how long it is. Even when maintaining the water temperature Showerloop is way more efficient than a normal shower because we only have to heat the water a few degrees every cycle instead of 20 to 40.

So what do I hope to get out of POC21? Naturally I’m excited about the whole thing; the fact that it’s a maker camp in a castle, that there a people from around the world coming together for a noble common goal. During the application process (it was just an online form btw) I found out that they should be providing us with all the tools and materials that we’d need. Things like laser cutters and CNC machines and 3d printers. I love all that stuff and have been going to the Aalto FABLAB in Helsinki ever since I heard about it but it’s only open to the public on Tuesdays. Also even though I would go there every chance I’d get, I might not get so much done on Showerloop because I’ would end up learning about other peoples inventions and helping them make designs or show them how to use the laser cutter. I really love the atmosphere there and to hear that there was this magical place that would let me do that non stop for 5 weeks was just cool. So my hope is that with help from everyone at POC I will take the project to warp speed and do all the design work and prototyping that I can so that maybe by the end of it Showerloop will be easily assembled, very user friendly and robust (aka doesn’t fall apart every time we demo the project). There was also a lot of talk about marketing the projects and getting them to live on after the camp and I have my fingers crossed for that too.

I’ve always felt that I’m progressing too slow both from the technical development side of things and the business plan but maybe this 5 weeks will be the final sprint needed so we can show the world how awesome Showerloop is and provide you with blueprints and instructions to make your own and the possibility to buy key components or the whole thing from us.

Also I hope that I can contribute to the other projects as well. I’m full of passion and ideas for sustainable products and social models and anything that can give back to this awesome planet of ours. I think that’s my underlying motivation and aspiration in life – to offset all the damage I’ve done to the planet a thousand fold but hey, why not a million. This summer has been really grate. I’ve met lots of new people in the Open Source movement through the Open Source Circular Economy Days event in June, I got an office in my home cities newest business incubator Turbiini and now I’m off to France!

Wish me luck,
Jason Selvarajan