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Tired and Proud

Wohoo! Crazy days behind us as SkenarioLabs participated in the Deloitte Digital Disruptors Hackathon over the weekend. It was the first for SkenarioLabs and we delivered. In just 48 hours we managed to develop and launch a beautiful web service for property risk management. Although the idea behind it came from our original algorithm evaluating the existing urban structure, we started the weekend from scratch and sampled a couple of new technologies while developing our product idea for the insurance business.

We used our time wisely as we went live with the website just 10 seconds before we presented our production to the others. We owe a lot to Mario Pinto, who fearlessly jumped to our team and was a big help and a great dude. Thanks Super-Mario!

Tomorrow is the last and the most important day of this first phase of Deloitte Digital Disruptors bootcamp-week as we get to pitch our ideas and product to the distinguished committees of Deloitte. We really think we might have something happening here.  Good times behind –  better ones ahead.

We’ll let You know, how it went.